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A post from Performance and Ability Track Chair, Wendy White.

Natural disasters, race cars and high-stakes trading come together under the umbrella of the Cloud Connect Cloud Performance and Availability Track, Three C-level execs, three real-world cloud performance and availability success stories.

Whether you sit in the camp that believes high availability belongs in the application and not the infrastructure — or vice versa — or the one that believes that performance and availability come at the cost of scale, this track covering public, private and virtual private clouds may provide some fresh insight to shape your thinking and some actionable next steps to jump start your 2012 cloud plans.

Hurricanes, Blizzards and Floods — Oh My

Headquartered at the intersection of tornado alley and hurricane lane, XSP suffered five major natural disaster-related outages in a single year, wreaking havoc on productivity in their global corporate actions software business and jeopardizing the crown jewels, their software source code.

Fast forward less than three years:  IT availability has transformed from an albatross dragging down his mid-size company to a strategic business asset setting the pace for the future of the software firm.

Dan Retzer, XSP CTO and winner of the Constellation SuperNova Award for cloud computing leadership, will share the transformation enabled by first moving XSP’s back office operations — and now its core software business — to a virtual private cloud.

From finding an enterprise-class cloud provider to getting an enterprise-level SLA to re-architecting his software for cloud performance, Dan’s story has great lessons for businesses large and small.

The race car of private clouds: Zynga’s zCloud

Managing performance and availability during hyper-scale sounds daunting – but it’s a challenge many web 2.0 companies would wish to have.  Over the last two years Zynga has raced ahead of the pack to become the world’s leading social games developer.

The underpinnings of Zynga’s explosive growth is their innovative use of both public and private cloud computing – including the company’s well known zCloud.

Allan Leinwand, CTO of Infrastructure and chief architect of the zCloud, will share how he tunes this race car of clouds for greater performance, scale and reliability.

Not only will Allan share detailed best practices you can leverage immediately for retooling your private cloud for high performance, he’ll reveal what’s under the hood for the next evolution of zCloud.


Making the right call:  Lessons from financials services clouds

In financial services, performance and availability are paramount — and have been major hurdles for firms to overcome before leveraging the promise of cloud computing.

Capital markets’ customers require both public and private cloud solutions built from the same enterprise-class technologies and architectures they’ve learned they can depend on with their critical data and business operation.

CFN Services CEO Mark Casey’s point of view: now is the time for financial services companies to make the right call and adopt cloud computing.

Mark will show how some of the most sophisticated global capital markets participants are tackling the challenges of end-to-end performance and availability — while controlling sprawl across globally distributed applications.

Thanks to Wendy for her summary highlighting the Performance and Availability track. Cloud Connect Santa Clara is almost here! Be sure to register, so you don’t miss out on the action.

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