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If you are an expert in your field and would like the opportunity to share your knowledge with other technology professionals from around the world – we need you! As both a conference and an expo, Cloud Connect continues to be the leading vendor-neutral cloud computing event. Our key role is to provide a platform for application developers and managers, senior IT professionals, infrastructure and service providers to network and gain deep cloud insights. Help us share those insights!

Please find information below to guide you through the submission process. Deadline is April 29, 2013

Cloud Connect Chicago Call for Submissions Guidelines

When suggesting a topic, please make sure:

  • Your content is interesting, nonpartisan and product agnostic. Cloud Connect Chicago conference sessions are meant to educate attendees on cloud computing innovation, challenges and trends only, and we do not accept product related submissions. If you would like to publicize a product, please contact our sales team for information on exhibiting and other vendor opportunities, including sponsored sessions.
  • Contact info for the original author of the submission is included. We require direct contact with presenters to expedite questions during the submission review process and will not consider submissions where we are unable to do this.


What our track chairs are looking for when they review the submissions:

  • Is the presenter someone who can credibly address the subject in-depth?
  • Will attendees receive information by attending the session that would be unique, fresh, germane to their interests and challenges, and could not be located easily in some other fashion.
  • Does it sound like it is actually a useful vision or best practices versus a vendor pitch?
  • High-level intros that address key pain points.
  • Panel discussions with end-users.
  • Real-world case studies.
  • Actionable sessions that dive into a specific and common pain point.
  • Relevancy. Does the talk answer a question the market is struggling with?
  • Controversy. Is the answer interesting or counterintuitive or does it just address conventional wisdom?
  • Real world. Does the talk show that people are really doing this, or is it just in-theory?

Speaker Expectations

If your proposal is selected, we expect you to:

  • Commit to presenting at Cloud Connect Chicago– no last minute switch outs. This is an opportunity for the individual, not for the company.
  • Share your presence at the event with your social networks. If you blog about speaking, let us know and we will tweet about it from the Cloud Connect Chicago account.
  • Meet the deadlines outlined in the online speaker center for hotel booking, slides, abstracts, etc.

Presentation Formats

Single & 2+ Speaker Presentation:
Issue-oriented, provides concrete examples, and contains both practical and theoretical information. Postmortems and case studies are included in this category. In multiple speaker presentations each speaker should present with unique points of view.

Panels take many different viewpoints on a topic or issue and combine them in one debate session with a moderator. Debate among panelists (with very different opinions) is welcome and audience participation time should be accounted for.


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