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Last week Cloud Connect hosted a “Tweet Chat” – a preplanned virtual discussion which takes place via Twitter.  The topic for our chat was “Management, application performance & security in a Hybrid Cloud world” which proved to be a fruitful topic of conversation.

We asked a series of questions to our faithful Cloud Connect Twitter followers and anyone else interested in joining the discussion.  The responses started coming in right away and it was interesting to see the variety of perspectives and responses.

Our first question dealt with whether data security concerns would stifle or spur hybrid cloud adoption.  Here’s a snapshot of the discussion:

Cloud Connect ‏@cloud_connect 12 Sep

Our recent Enterprise Cloud Adoption research w/ @EverestGroup suggests long-term trend for greater #hybridcloud usage #ccevent #ccchat

Cloud Connect@cloud_connect 12 Sep

But security remains a top priority and the #1 barrier to #cloud adoption #ccevent #ccchat

Cloud Connect@cloud_connect 12 Sep

Q1 Will data security concerns stifle or spur hybrid cloud adoption? #ccevent #ccchat

Ed Featherston@efeatherston 12 Sep

@cloud_connect Do think recent coverage around the NSA leaks highlights the concerns around security? #ccchat

DarkReading@DarkReading 12 Sep

Big cloud security issue: cloud service providers’ software developers need the proper tools to write secure apps. #ccchat

Eric Hanselman@e_hanselman 12 Sep

Security is still #1 concern, hybrid can allay data sec, but needs interconnect maturity #ccevent #ccchat

Kathy Burger@KathyBurger 12 Sep

Is #security a valid concern or a red herring to justify not moving forward with cloud? #cchat #ccchat

DarkReading@DarkReading 12 Sep

Security often an afterthought in cloud services, as with most newer services. Building it in is key to allay security concerns. #ccchat

Ed Featherston ‏@efeatherston 12 Sep

@KathyBurger I would think a little of both. There is always security concerns when moving to something new #ccchat

The Enterprise Cloud@EnterpriseCld 12 Sep

@e_hanselman That’s spot-on, Eric. It’s great to enjoy on-prem security and off-prem flexibility, but how to orchestrate? #ccchat

Eric Hanselman@e_hanselman 12 Sep

RT @DarkReading: Big cloud security issue: cloud service providers need the tools to write secure apps. #ccchat <A must for end user trust!

The Enterprise Cloud@EnterpriseCld 12 Sep

Also, who says security on-premises is better than that of a cloud provider? #ccchat?

Cloud Connect@cloud_connect 12 Sep

@efeatherston Ed, you raise an important question around the NSA leaks. What does everyone think? Did it hurt #cloud? #ccevent #ccchat

Ed Featherston@efeatherston 12 Sep

@EnterpriseCld re: Onpremise better, I think its the classic perception, if I control it, its better #ccchat

Dan Griffith@critsyscon 12 Sep

#Security most definitely not a cloud adoption red herring for enterprises who deal with #PCI or #HIPAA #ccchat

CSA Chicago@CloudSAChicago 12 Sep@EnterpriseCld Some providers are a drastic improvement in security over the on-prem, some are a drastic degradation #ccchat


A1 Innovation with protection/control of user data shared across SaaS & cloud can lessen security threats. #ccchat

Cloud Connect@cloud_connect 12 Sep

Our research says security concerns is a top priority @alisoncdiana #ccchat

Security is also a major topic at our upcoming Cloud Connect Chicago.  In fact, we are working with the Chicago Chapter of the Cloud Security Alliance for our first Cloud Security & Risk Summit. The Summit will address:

  • The Do’s and Don’ts: An overview of the legal issues in cloud computing
  • Advice: The strengths of a secure cloud platform
  • Best practices: How to and is it possible to incorporate standard controls and control testing in a cloud environment

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Tweet Chat. It was a lot of fun and I hope to see you all in Chicago!

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