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The recent Cloud Connect tweet chat on “Management, application performance & security in a Hybrid Cloud world” addressed one of the fundamental challenges facing business technology stakeholders – weighing the benefits of cloud computing with potential loss of direct access & control over application infrastructure.  This is especially true with PaaS & SaaS where more of the infrastructure control is ceded to the Cloud provider.

Our Enterprise Cloud Adoption Survey shows that businesses are growing increasingly comfortable with both SaaS & PaaS.  But what are the tradeoffs and concerns?  Here’s a snapshot of our Cloud Connect twitter discussion on this topic:

Cloud Connect@cloud_connect 12 Sep

Our research shows #saas now pervasive in the enterprise w/ 57% current 28% near-term & 10% future adopion #ccevent#ccchat

Cloud Connect@cloud_connect 12 Sep

And #paas shows tremendous future growth with 25% near-term and 27% long-term adoption #ccevent#ccchat

Cloud Connect@cloud_connect 12 Sep

Q2 Are enterprises giving up too much control in broader trend towards SaaS & PaaS? #ccevent#ccchat

Scott Bils@sbils 12 Sep

A2 Only if it’s creating security and compliance risk #ccchat

Eric Hanselman ‏@e_hanselman 12 Sep

RT @cloud_connect: Q2 Are enterprises giving up too much control in broader trend towards SaaS & PaaS? #ccevent#ccchat <Heck no!

Kathy Burger@KathyBurger 12 Sep

The SaaS finding doesn’t surprise me, we are seeing that trend in financial services #cchat #fintech #ccchat

Cloud Connect ‏@cloud_connect 12 Sep

@KathyBurger A2 Is the financial services community accepting less control or is that an ongoing concern? #ccevent#ccchat

DarkReading ‏@DarkReading 12 Sep

A2 SMBs are typically getting more security than they had. #ccchat

CSA Chicago@CloudSAChicago 12 Sep

@DarkReading Agreed, for SMBs often it is an improvement #ccchat

Laurianne McLaughlin@lmclaughlin 12 Sep

As @DHenschen recently pointed out, SaaS comfort is moving beyond “edge” apps and into core apps #ccchat

Scott Ferguson@zdeferguson 12 Sep

Regarding #SaaS, what applications are most popular? HR? CRM? Payroll? Where’s the play? #ccchat

CSA Chicago@CloudSAChicago 12 Sep

A2: The problem we are facing right now is lack of consistency in requirements, so the degree of control is across the board #ccchat

Ed Featherston@efeatherston 12 Sep

#ccchat A2 I think its the classic delicate balance, and plays back to Q1 on the security

Alison Diana@alisoncdiana 12 Sep

@cloud_connect@efeatherston A2. Yes, NSA leaks hurt #cloud. CIOs, CEOs scrutinizing sanctity of data; customers worried #ccevent#ccchat

Dan Griffith@critsyscon 12 SepA2 – Would add lock-in to security/compliance as additional risk to be considered #ccchat

CSA Chicago@CloudSAChicago 12 SepA2: Some organizations have strict control / requirements, others have none #ccchat

Ed Featherston@efeatherston 12 Sep

#ccchat A2 Sounds like it all comes back to the security question when we get down to it. Get the requirements right, and less of an issue

Eric Hanselman@e_hanselman 12 Sep

#Hybridcloud can be comfortable step. Data sources “safe”, Front ends scalable. #ccevent #ccchat

Phil Thames@philthames 12 SepA2 ~40% of IT is now rogue. Ignoring #SaaS#PaaS trends isn’t helping IT gain control, but strategy around control & adoption will #CCChat

Eric Hanselman@e_hanselman 12 Sep

Getting to PaaS makes sense, but aspirational for most. #ccevent #ccchat

Kathy Burger@KathyBurger 12 Sep

@e_hanselman @cloud_connect But maybe that is only way some firms can make the business case — best of both, not all/nothing? #ccchat

Eric Hanselman@e_hanselman 12 Sep

RT @KathyBurger: @cloud_connect But maybe only way some firms can make the business case — best of both, not all/nothing? #ccchat <Yup!

Kathy Burger@KathyBurger 12 Sep

@CloudSAChicago That makes sense. Do you see CISOs involved in these decisions? #ccchat

CSA Chicago@CloudSAChicago 12 Sep

@KathyBurger Unfortunately not as much as we would like, usually they are playing catch-up, but it depends on the service #ccchat

CSA Chicago@CloudSAChicago 12 Sep

@KathyBurger For SaaS services they are not as involved, IaaS/Hybrid more so as there is more design to it #ccchat

Divya Manickam@divya2050 12 SepInteresting article on #SaaS: Killer of the Traditional IT Department | Innovation Insights | @Wired #ccevent #ccchat …

Kathy Burger@KathyBurger 12 Sep

@sbils or is the pressure coming from the financial side, or senior management, to pursue IT alternatives? #ccchat

Scott Bils@sbils 12 Sep

RT @KathyBurger is the pressure coming from the financial side, or senior management, to pursue IT alternatives? #ccchat < I would say both

Charles W. Babcock ‏@babcockcw 12 Sep

Biggest documented payback in public cloud IMHO is PaaS, standardized dev environment. Slow to catch on. #ccchat #ccevent @lmclaughlin

Managing SaaS and Paas is a topic we’ll address at Cloud Connect Chicago.  Here’s an overview of one of the new programs we have planned:

New Tools and Techniques for Managing SaaS and Hybrid Cloud Environments

Leveraging cloud resources is becoming imperative for enterprises to satisfy escalating customer demands, support an increasingly dispersed workforce and overcome intensifying competition. However, adding these Cloud resources to existing systems and software applications complicates the responsibility of IT organizations to manage their day-to-day operations and optimize the performance of their in-house resources while controlling their costs. This session will examine these challenges and evaluate powerful new solutions and management best practices that can help IT professionals overcome these challenges at the IaaS, SaaS and PaaS levels.

  • How Cloud management differs from traditional data center management
  • How to capitalize on today’s widening array of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) alternatives
  • What are the real costs of unplanned Cloud service adoption
  • Where to find new tools and techniques to address your hybrid Cloud requirements
  • How to measure your success in a hybrid Cloud environment

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Tweet Chat. It was a lot of fun and I hope to see you all in Chicago!

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