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Jason Quesada

A post from Cloud Connect’s Private Cloud Track Chair, Dave Roberts.

When cloud computing was young, most people theorized that the industry and foundational technology would develop very similarly to the early days of electric utilities. All this capital investment in enterprise IT, people said, would be replaced by the purchase of computing as a service from open market producers. Instead of buying and depreciating large hardware and software systems, we’d leave those purchases to the service providers and buy our computing “by the drink,” paying only for what we used. When we were done, we’d flick the computing equivalent of a light switch and the meter would stop. If you’re old enough to remember, before we called it “cloud computing,” we originally called it “utility computing.”

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Jeremy Brown

Cloud Connect Santa Clara 2012 will be here quicker than you can say…Cloud Connect. It’s right around the corner. Here are 7 things you need to know prior to the event. Continue Reading »

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With all of the activity around compute and storage in cloud it might be easy to take for granted the interconnection needs of all that capacity.  The network just runs, right?  The reality is that interconnection capabilities determine application architectures, performance, and resiliency.  At this year’s Cloud Connect, we’ll be looking at current choices and future options for managing information flow and networking services. Networking’s automation challenges have caused many providers to make compromises to achieve scale.  Those automation barriers are starting to fall and better interconnect options are coming on line that will impact how cloud networking gets done. Continue Reading »

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