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Steve Wylie

I have been planning conferences for many years and have come to believe that end user companies often make the best speakers. This is especially true for Cloud Connect because Cloud customers (our attendees) not only need to understand how the Cloud works but also how it aligns with their business objectives.

We are entering a new era in cloud computing where a customer’s success will no longer be measured by cloud adoption alone, but also by how they take advantage of  the Cloud to drive business forward. Simply put, Cloud has become the platform of innovation and that innovation will impact every aspect of the modern enterprise. Continue Reading »

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Kristi Ibello

There’s no doubt that big Data is growing fast; each year, the generation of global data is doubling, and as it does so it becomes increasingly challenging to manage, interpret, store and secure. In order to stay competitive companies are seeking new big data platforms to help them manage large data sets and strategies that will allow them to turn data into insights which can drive value for their organization.

IT, marketing and digital professionals are spinning trying to untangle the Big Data web. In effort to help these professionals do their jobs better we are excited to announce The Big Data Conference which will be co-located with Cloud Connect Chicago October 21-23, 2013.

The Big Data Conference spans three days, the conference offers in-depth educational programs, workshops, case studies, demonstrations and real-world technology implementations including:

  • Large enterprise case studies in key verticals including manufacturing, retail, healthcare, and financial services
  • How to structure an organization to take advantage of Big Data
  • The big picture: A life-cycle for Big Data management
  • How to set the best Big Data strategy for your organization
  • Data visualization & interfaces trends
  • Breakdown of Hadoop and other Big Data platforms & architectures

Click here for more information The Big Data Conference. Register for an All Access Pass to attend both Cloud Connect and The Big Data Conference Pass Conference sessions and Workshops.


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