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We’ve had time to collect all of the evaluation data and now have a conclusive top 10 ranked speakers from Cloud Connect Silicon Valley 2013.

We had loads of great content this year and want to say thanks again to all you who presented and contributed to a great event.

Join us in congratulating these speakers by giving them a tweet—don’t forget to include #ccevent!

  1. Jeremy Edberg, Reliability Architect, Netflix

Congratulate Jeremy @jedberg

2.  Adrian Cockcroft, Director, Architecture, Netflix

Congratulate Adrian @adrianco

3. Jinesh Varia, Amazon Web Services

Congratulate Jinesh @jinma

4. Barb Goldworm, President and Chief Analyst, FOCUS

Congratulate Barb @barbgoldworm

5. Thomas Barton, Global Enterprise Architect, Novartis Pharmaceuticals

Congratulate Thomas @tsbarton

6. Toby Owen, Product Leader, Rackspace

Congratulate Toby @TobyDOwen

7. William Forrest, Principal, McKinsey and Company

Congratulate William @ayewill

8. Alistair Croll, Founder, CloudOps Research

Congratulate Alistair @acroll

9. Bernard Golden, VP, Enterprise Solutions, Enstratius

Congratulate Bernard @bernardgolden

10. Neal Sample, SVP, Technology, American Express

Congratulate Neal @nsample


If you’re interested in speaking at our Chicago event held from October 21-24 at McCormick Place we’re still accepting submissions through April 29.

Submit today!


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Kristi Ibello

So you want to take advantage of the exceptional education and networking opportunities offered at Cloud Connect Chicago but not sure how to convince your boss? Let us help you show your manager and company the tangible benefits of attending Cloud Connect Chicago by using the simple two-step process below. If you are looking to increase your business efficiency and agility by moving to the cloud, then be sure to attend Cloud Connect for education, collaboration and new networking opportunities. Your Cloud Connect  participation will be one of the best training investments your organization can make. Continue Reading »

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Jason Quesada

A blog entry from ROI, TCO, and Cloud Economics Track Chair Joe Weinman.Joe Weinman

IT, in terms of both applications and the infrastructure to run them, is becoming increasingly pervasive in our society, with the cloud playing a larger and larger role.  CIOs and business executives understandably need to consider how best to leverage this technology.  Is IT just plumbing, as relevant to the strategic needs of the business as, say, parking lot design or lighting fixture selection?  Or is it a strategic weapon that when wielded properly can win battles, or even wars, in today’s hyper-competitive global marketplace? Continue Reading »

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Jason Quesada

I recently had the opportunity to speak to Jocelyn DeGance Graham, founder of CloudNOW, a nonprofit executive consortium of the leading women in cloud computing. CloudNOW is hosting their “Legacy Award” program at Cloud Connect Chicago and hosted their first annual “Top 10 Women in Cloud” awards program at Cloud Connect Santa Clara.  Below is a recap of our conversation.

Cloud Connect: When was CloudNow founded?

Jocelyn: We founded CloudNow almost a year ago – August 15 of last year. Continue Reading »

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Jason Quesada

A blog entry from Cloud Security & Risk Track Chair Steve Orrin.

There is a lot of talk about threats to the Cloud and challenges facing organizations looking to adopt and take advantage of it. We will have several great sessions at this year’s Cloud Connect Chicago talking about both the challenges and solutions from various perspectives. I thought that I’d take this opportunity to look at a rising issue that affects the cloud, data management, more specifically, data expiry and erasure. A lot of concentration is paid to compliant data protection, access controls and more recently data retention. In these use cases, data controls are used for access to data, transfer of data between systems, and users and regular audits of these controls. Typically encryption is used to provide the appropriate protections for data both at rest and in transit and DLP (Data Loss Prevention) based solutions are deployed to ensure that important data doesn’t slip through the cracks. As organizations begin to look at ways to manage data retention requirements of various regulations and industry standards, I believe they should also be looking at how to deal with the future requirements for data erasure. After all, most IT shops are probably pretty established in their practices for data destruction on devices such as PCs, laptops or disk drives.  Why should they be less concerned when it comes to the cloud? Continue Reading »

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David Linthicum

Many consider cloud computing as a shortcut, an IT path that uses technology to wire around the need to plan.  Architecture and design are big parts of traditional plans.  Without a sound foundation of good architecture and design best practices, your cloud computing project will fail.  This is true for traditional projects as well as for your cloud computing strategy.  Many are finding this out the hard way as cloud computing projects begin to ramp up. 

Architecture and design come in two core patterns: Those that integrate the use of cloud computing services, either PaaS, IaaS, or SaaS, with existing enterprise IT systems which extend those systems to the platforms of the clouds.  Or, there is the second pattern, those that actually build private, community, or public cloud services for use within a single enterprise, a community of users, or perhaps become public cloud computing providers themselves.

There are a range of cloud computing startups with unique solutions that require specialized approaches to cloud computing concepts including multitenancy, virtualized and managed resources, as well as advanced security solutions.  New ground is covered each day, and the approaches to architecture and design in the world of cloud computing continuously evolve.

Now is the time to get smart around the right and the wrong ways to design and build clouds.  Understand best practices, and, yes, learn and borrow from architecture and design practices from days gone by.  SOA and existing application and enterprise architecture approaches and techniques have proven themselves in the enterprise, and are now proving their value as we extend those architectures to public, private, and hybrid cloud computing.  In short, we’re converging what’s best with the existing architecture approaches and techniques, with what’s emerging in the world of cloud computing. 

So, what are the proper ways to design, build, and leverage cloud computing systems?  What are the steps to success?  What are the emerging best practices?  At Cloud Connect, we’ve put together a track that covers a range of topics relating to the right and wrong ways to leverage, design, and build cloud-based systems and infrastructure.  This includes advice from those currently in the trenches who make cloud computing work for the Global 2000 and government, to those who will soon fight to make cloud computing work for their clients, employers, and/or investors. 

Sessions that will guide you through this process include my session on “How to Get Cloud Architecture and Design Right the First Time,” where I walk you through the basics of design and architecture as applied to cloud computing.  Moreover, there is Bernard Golden’s session on “Cloud Applications: New Techniques for Developers,” including how to deal with elasticity and scalability. 

 If cloud computing is in your future, you need to start here.  With a bit of planning, and some good architecture and design disciplines, you can do amazing things.

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Jason Quesada

Hey everyone. Jason Quesada here, Digital Media Marketing Manager for Cloud Connect. Did you know that we are just 11 weeks away from Cloud Connect Santa Clara? All of the cool and latest cloud solutions will be displayed on the Cloud Connect expo floor. We are going to make it rain at Cloud Connect and we are asking you to join us! Continue Reading »

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Manuela Farrell

New blog post from Cloud Connect, Cloud Economics track chair Joe Weinman summarizing some of the content he covered at Cloud Connect and highlighting a lesser known but increasingly important economic justification for cloud computing: the total customer experience.

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Manuela Farrell

As you’ve all heard and seen if you attended, Cloud Connect was a huge success!  Workshops, conference sessions, the expo and especially our keynote rooms were packed with attendees wanting to hear about the latest innovations and experiences in cloud computing.  Thanks to everyone who made the event possible.

And a special thanks to everyone who participated in our campaign, by donating money, filling out evals, or voting for their favorite Launch Pad finalist.  We had a record breaking over 1600 evals completed which shows the engagement and dedication of the Cloud Connect audience to improving conference content and giving back to the community.  Because of you, UBM TechWeb and Cloud Connect will donate over $2500 to Bay Area math and science public school projects via our partnership with  Three of our selected projects were completed before the event even began (amazing), with the remaining projects reaching completion stage once our final donation is made. 

Take a look at the classrooms and kids we’re helping and know that your participation was an integral part of the process. 

Thanks again for making Cloud Connect the must attend cloud conference of 2011 and sharing in our desire to promote and improve math and science education in the Bay Area.  Here’s to all the future cloud evangelists and engineers!

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Chris Lotspeich

Yesterday, Cloud Connect opened with our robust pre-conference workshop program and the rooms were packed. Attendees were focused on learning about the Amazon Web Services platform, cloud performance and cloud operations. The twitter conversations for this first day of the event were energized and you could feel the excitement for the week growing as the day continued.

Today the event gets into full swing with our main conference program beginning, the first day of hearing/watching leading cloud users and providers in the keynotes and general sessions program and then meeting the latest cloud vendors within the expo hall.

If you are unable to attend the keynotes and general sessions today at 9am, we have set up a live stream of the program. Simply log-in at and you will be able to view the 2 hour program from your desk. Today’s speakers include executives from, Cisco Systems, Cloudscaling, Netflix, IBM, Yahoo!, DreamWorks Animation and a special panel on how private clouds shouldn’t be an Island. It is going to be an exciting and robust program that you won’t want to miss.

After the keynotes and general sessions finish today attendees will be flocking to the expo hall to see the 70 plus exhibitors showing off the latest cloud offerings. Attendees will be meeting with companies such as IBM, Intel, Microsoft, VMware, Cisco and others. Yes, Cloud Connect has arrived at the Santa Clara Convention Center much to the excitement of the instructors, exhibitors, attendees and the cloud industry as a whole.

If you are in the area stop by and check out the show yourself. You can still register for a free expo pass to the event with code Blog. If you can’t make it, then watch the keynotes and general sessions and make plans to attend next year’s event from February 13-16.

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