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Manuela Farrell

Great post on Netflix’s move to the Cloud, and the reasoning behind their choice of 3 NoSQL tools: SimpleDB, Hadoop/HBase and Cassandra. Get a glimpse of what Netflix will cover at Cloud Connect.

Kevin McEntee, Vice President of Systems Engineering at Netflix is a keynote speaker on March 8th, and Adrian Cockcroft, Cloud Architect at Netflix is speaking in the Private Clouds track at the conference as well.

Just two of a long list of great speakers confirmed so far.

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Manuela Farrell

David Chou, Technical Architect at Microsoft is speaking in the Design Patterns track at Cloud Connect, a unique track made up of lectures from Amazon, Microsoft, VMware and Cloud Event Processing. David’s session, Building Highly Scalable Java Applications on Windows Azure, is scheduled for March 8th at 1:15.  His newest blog post on designing for cloud optimized architecture gives a little preview of what you can expect at Cloud Connect.  Great read.

Go to the speaker list for info on Cloud Connect’s impressive roster of speakers.


4 Days in the Cloud

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Cloud Connect 2011 is shaping up to be a superb event. As utility computing becomes a tool in the enterprise IT tool chest, we’re adjusting the curriculum. So this year, there’s a focus on performance, measuring and management of clouds — something enterprises demand. There’s more emphasis on cloud security. And there’s a detailed look at how to connect on-premise and on-demand computing resources.

But at the same time that the industry is becoming more mature, there are still many IT professionals who need a foundational understanding of what it means to use clouds. To accommodate this, we’ve also put together a “cloud crash course” pre-conference workshop that tackles many of the fundamental changes that clouds bring about — from throw-away servers, to eventually consistent data, to sharding, to the end of perimeter security.

As with last year, we’ll start with a day of in-depth workshops, and then we’ll have three days of conference sessions and fast-paced, thought-provoking keynotes. Last year, we really pushed the envelope on the main stage, and we’re working hard to bring the same short, packed format this year.

- Alistair Croll
Conference Chair, Cloud Connect

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