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Kristi Ibello

Cloud Connect was recently named one of the Top Cloud Computing Events of 2013 by Enterprise CIO Forum. We are proud to have topped the list and be named the Conference and Expo where IT professionals come for the latest cloud computing training and information. Here are 10 reasons why you should register and join us April 2-5 in Silicon Valley:

10) SEE NEW PRODUCTS. Find new solutions to your cloud, security, infrastructure and projects.

9) ENGAGE WITH MULTIPLE COMPANIES AT ONE TIME. Meet with 100+ industry leaders including VMware, Citrix, Cisco, Softlayer, Rackspace, IBM, Oracle and more!

8 ) SEE SPECIFIC COMPANIES OR PRODUCTS. Ready to renegotiate service agreements and/or upgrade to the next version? Make the most of your time by scheduling meetings at Cloud Connect.

7) CREATE AND STRENGTHEN PROFESSIONAL RELATIONSHIPS. Grab breakfast, lunch or a beer and make connections that will help you throughout the year.

6) PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT. Learn from peers, analysts and other end users in the Cloud Connect Conference sessions including cloud & big data, virtualization, security, and how to build private and public clouds.

5) KEEP UP-TO-DATE ON INDUSTRY TRENDS AND ISSUES. Hear industry experts and end users discuss use cases and best practices surrounding their cloud migration. Check out the 2013 Keynote Speakers.

4) SEE EXISTING SUPPLIERS. Gain insight into competition and find what others are delivering or how they are providing service.

3) NETWORK WITH COLLEAGUES. With so many like-minded professionals under one roof, learn how others are tackling similar problems in your industry.

2) SEE PRODUCTS “IN-PERSON” FIRST REVIEWED ONLINE. Touch, test and question all the new technologies you’ve read about.

1) DEEP DIVE WORKSHOPS. Gain new skills and help advance your career by attending one of Cloud Connects Workshops including Big Data, Cloud Crash Course, Advanced Cloud Courses, and Navigating PaaS.

BONUS REASON) An incredible value! Register now and pay just $1,899 for all 4 days of actionable content, invaluable connections and essential training.

Register today and experience why Cloud Connect topped the list!
PS: Want to send the team? You can save 30% for your group, just email one of our registration experts to learn more.

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Kristi Ibello

Cloud Connect teamed up with Everest Group to conduct a first of its kind research project around the enterprise adoption of cloud computing.  The survey looked at how businesses currently use cloud computing and examined their future adoption plans.  

The results suggest a changing buyer mindset that will challenge our current assumptions and serve as a reality check for cloud suppliers. The biggest disconnect in the results found that buyers and providers see cloud adoption drivers differently.  

  • Business users are adopting for agility, flexibility and time-to market advantages
  • Whereas service providers believe it’s due to cost. 

This suggests that providers are stuck in legacy mindset selling ‘next generation infrastructure’ instead of a new paradigm. The following Infographic highlights some of the key takeaways from the research and the top 3 adoption drivers of cloud buyers: Continue Reading »

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It’s a big day for the Silicon Valley event…Cloud Connect just announced their keynote speaker lineup.  Presenting a high caliber of thought leaders in the cloud space is of the utmost priority and it’s exciting to see who will be hitting the mainstage in April.  To date, looks like the stellar lineup of speakers includes:

  • Alistair Croll, Vice President, CloudOps Research
  • Lew Tucker, VP & CTO Cloud Computing, Cisco
  • William Ruh, VP & Global Technology Director, General Electric
  • Michael Barrett, Chief Information Security Officer, PayPal, Inc.
  • Joe Weinman, Author of Cloudonomics & SVP, Cloud Services & Strategy, Telx
  • Duke Skarda, Chief Technology Officer, SoftLayer
  • Dave McCrory, SVP of DSP Engineering, Warner Music Group

It’s fundamental that the keynote speakers be able to present Cloud Connect attendees with relevant, vendor neutral information and education that can help them shape their business strategy.  As such, it appears to be a good blend of visionaries and practitioners who can wrangle and speak to the latest insights in cloud technologies and use-cases.  Looking forward to seeing what meaningful ways Cisco, GE, PayPal, SoftLayer and more pair down and explore the wide range of innovation in the cloud.

If you’d like more insight on these folks, check out their bios on the Cloud Connect keynote page.

Joylyn Tanner
PR Manager
UBM Tech

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As Vice President of Marketing for UBM Tech Events, each day holds new and meaty challenges. Responsible for a team of seasoned event marketers, and focused on promoting more than ten global technology event brands in the networking, computing, telecom, and business services categories – we stay challenged and energized year-around.

Our cross-functional teams pride themselves on creating high-quality event experiences that offer our guests the opportunity to learn, network, collaborate and connect with the latest thinking and solutions in their fields. Our goal, and the goal for many of our event guests, is to help them (and the companies they represent) remain progressive and professionally competitive.

Cloud Connect is one of our fastest growing brands in the US and India, serving technologists responsible for implementing cloud solutions that keep their companies competitive and stay agile. The cloud computing industry has evolved quickly over the last few years, proving to be a strategically important category for companies of all sizes. Our own research in partnership with the Everest Group has shown that the value of cloud computing extends beyond simple cost-savings – allowing technologists to bridge legacy IT solutions to new more nimble ones that better meet the needs of the lines-of-business they support and enable quicker time-to-market.

A few years ago cloud computing was so new many companies and experts were only beginning to understand its potential as a category that could change the rules for businesses. And thanks to numerous mainstream applications of the Cloud, even the most business-focused and tech-limited professionals understand its value and importance in enabling the agility companies need to meet the needs of their customers. Cloud Washing? Perhaps, but all of this attention has also enabled the acceleration of this valuable category to grow into a proven value-based solution for the enterprise.

Today, mainstream cloud practitioners are moving beyond considering what’s possible and into an era where they must pioneer new solutions to real challenges in their own companies. Many of the experts in the cloud computing space understand that cloud computing, and other new technologies, don’t transform companies overnight. They must accommodate the sometimes slow evolution to new technology while continuing to support aging infrastructures that companies have previously spent millions of dollars on as capital expense.

All of the points I’ve written here explain why I enjoy working with the Cloud Connect team to build this world-class event. We focus on facilitating the latest real-world solutions and new ideas that cloud technology practitioners need to get their jobs done successfully. We do that by bringing together the best hands-on thought leaders in the cloud space with the latest technology providers, and even the industry analysts and venture capitalists to help ensure our delegates are truly getting the guidance and insights they need to be successful. I’m very proud of the unique offering we provide to our Cloud Connect guests, and at the unique differentiation we are able to provide in the market.

I hope to see you at one of our Cloud Connect events soon!

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Hello Cloud Connect – Let’s Talk PR

When I don’t have my head in the clouds atop mountains high with a backpack on or my skis pointed downhill, you’ll find me buckling down at my desk trying to stay abreast of the latest and greatest in news and coverage around cloud computing.  My goal is to know the happenings of the cloud computing market and work to ensure that the folks who are covering the recent trends – all those coveted press, analysts and industry bloggers – are onsite to capture the magic of networking, collaboration, knowledge-sharing and buzz around first-time announcements that unfold at a live event.

As the PR Manager for Cloud Connect, I enjoy promoting the event successes, our stellar keynote lineups, the conference program that’s ever-evolving to capture the innovations and trends of the cloud (check out some adoption trends featured in Forbes), and working closely with exhibitors and speakers to help them maximize their exposure and involvement leading up to and at an event.  I’m always interested in new insights and product or service announcements that can help build buzz with our eager media who are clamoring to cover what’s hot like Big Data (InformationWeek’sBig Data Vendors to Watch in 2013), Mobile Cloud (IDC’s12 month forecast), Private Cloud (CRN), Security (eWeek’s account of Gartner’s recent report) and more.  I’m eager to hear your story and what you’re excited about and how we can work together to promote your news at Cloud Connect.

So please, don’t hesitate to be in touch – I’d love to know what you have up your sleeves to promote your presence in Silicon Valley. I’m Joylyn Tanner (find me on Twitter @jtannerama) and as I support PR across live events at UBM Tech, I look forward to engaging with exhibitors and speakers and helping them get the most out of their participation.

Hope to see you in April and together, we can make a splash!


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Hello world! My name is Whitney Watts and I am the Sales Marketing Specialist for UBM Tech Business Technology Events, including Cloud Connect. I manage exhibitor communications including outbound emails, event collateral, and internal resource collaboration. I liaison between our Content, Marketing, Sales, Operations, and Creative teams and ensure the success of all of our exhibitor internal and external communications.  I am currently working on updating pieces of collateral for the Sales team as well as promoting our Enterprise Cloud Adoption Survey results.

I enjoy working on Cloud Connect because cloud computing and security are such a hot topics and there is a natural fire and energy surrounding these issues. I like that our audience of exhibitors continue to be diverse — from startups to seasoned companies. We get to market to many cloud segments – it keeps us quite busy and engaged. I’m excited to see what 2013 brings for cloud computing in general.

In keeping with Kristi’s theme, here are a few fun facts about myself:

  • My favorite hobby is music – playing guitar and singing, discovering new music (I love Spotify!), and attending small venue shows around SF.
  • I love the holiday season because it’s a great excuse to “treat yourself” (baked goods and warm beverages!) as well as a lovely time to treat other (giving gifts and gratitude).
  • Technology is #1! I love staying up-to-date on all things tech. You can find me on the interwebs retweeting funny Onion
    articles and more @whitwatts

And so the countdown begins! Cheers to 2013 – see you all in Silicon Valley!

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Kristi Ibello

This is my magnificent post about who I am and my role in the Cloud Connect family. My name is Kristi Ibello @klibello and I’m the Senior Marketing Manager for Cloud Connect… the person who sends you emails every week and helps to ensure you have the best experience online and on-site at our events! My reasons for joining the Cloud Connect team are pretty simple – I enjoy helping others leverage new tools and resources that will ultimately help them drive value and growth for themselves and their business. I get to work with cool people and being part of a live event team allows me to meet new and
interesting colleagues like you.

Here inside the UBM Tech office, we are cooking up some new programs and content to ensure that you get the latest cloud computing information and I cannot wait to announce our full conference program in a few weeks… I think it will be our most exciting Conference and Expo yet. A few fun facts about myself:

  • I enjoy soccer, soccer and more soccer.
  • My worst household chore is keeping the dishes clean.
  • My favorite candy is Andy mints, send me some and I will be your friend for life.

I am the master of the Cloud Connect mobile app and welcome any challenges who dare take my place as top dog. I look forward to seeing everyone at Cloud Connect Silicon Valley 2013!


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So glad to see you here on the Cloud Connect blog. I wanted to introduce myself. My name is Ally Thorndike, and I am a Marketing Director a UBM Tech and part of the Cloud Connect events marketing team. I am excited about working on Cloud Connect because, as Mary Meeker defined her year-end Internet Trends report, the Cloud is playing such a huge part in the “re-imagination of everything” and a critical role in the “Asset-Light Generation.”

Today, we kicked off with a meeting to brainstorm ways to make the Cloud Connect customer journey really outstanding. We came up with some great ideas for making our customers feel welcome, comfortable, and cared for at our flagship event this April. If you have ideas for ways we could improve your experience at Cloud Connect, please share them with us here in the comments or connect with me on Twitter @allythorndike.

I look forward to meeting you in April at Cloud Connect Silicon Valley.


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I am the Programs Specialist for Cloud Connect and work directly with our General Manager, Steve Wylie to manage the conference agenda and speaker recruitment. Many of you may recognize my name from our correspondence around the call for submissions; yes, I’m the one you’re trying to finagle that extension with. Continue Reading »

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Jason Quesada

Cloud computing has changed the IT landscape over the past decade. This new technology came onto the technology scene at such a fast and furious pace that is seemed like it appeared out of….well from the clouds. However, behind the clouds, there are innovative people that made cloud computing happen.  Charles Babcock, Editor At Large, for InformationWeek, looked at the short history of cloud computing and identified 10 cloud computing pioneers that have paved the way for cloud knowledge and adoption. Continue Reading »

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