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Cloud Computing was supposed to usher in an era of computing on demand. However what we have today is a mix of the old and new – difficult to scale compute resources and billing models that penalize consumption based billing, both of which are only as granular as a preset server size and hourly or yearly based billing.

In this upcoming Cloud Connect webcast we’ll review how we got here, where the architectures of our applications are and how they fit to today’s cloud. We’ll also look at common IaaS packaging models, billing models and how new innovations are driving a more “true” cloud model and how future application architectures will take advantage of the next generation cloud computing architectures. We will discuss how to optimize cloud architectures to maximize infrastructure and control costs for today’s and tomorrow’s cloud computing platforms.

Time: 11:00 am PT/2:00 pm ET
Sponsored by ProfitBricks
Presented by Cloud Connect

Join Joe Weinman, noted cloud-computing expert and author of Cloudonomics and Pete Johnson, Platform Evangelist at ProfitBricks for a lively discussion and practical takeaways on cloud architectures and cost modeling.

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Joe Weinman, Author, Cloudonomics and Senior Vice President, Telx

Pete Johnson, Platform Evangelist, ProfitBricks


Steve Wylie, General Manager, Cloud Connect


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