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Jason Quesada

Cloud Connect offers several flexible passes to choose from when registering. Here are my top 8 reasons (in reverse order) why you purchase a Cloud Connect All Access Pass:

8. Free Lunch! Nom nom nom

7. Make the most of your Cloud Connect experience by joining any of the following receptions or networking events.

6. Expo: See what’s new, learn what’s cutting edge and identify technology must-haves for your business.

5. Vendor Sessions

4. Keynotes: Learn from industry experts, peers and providers all sharing their insights, case studies and strategies – hear from PayPal, VMware, General Electric, Cisco and more.

3. Cloud Connect offers a variety of comprehensive workshops on both standards and emerging trends from recognized thought-leaders in the cloud space.

2. Conference Sessions: Learn about the latest cloud computing innovations at the Cloud Connect Conference—including Big Data, Infrastructure, Cloud Security, and more.

1. Save $300! Register with priority code SMBlog and save up to $300* on your Interop All Access or Conference Pass!

Lock in an All Access Pass for the best value and receive behind the scene access to Cloud Connect!



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*Discount calculated based on the on-site price and not combinable with other offers. Offer good on new registrations only. Prices after discount applied: All Access: $2,099.00 Conference: $1,699.00, Workshop Pass: $799.00, Expo Plus: $150.00, Expo Only: Free

Published by

Jason Quesada

A blog entry by Private & Hybrid Clouds Track Chair Barb Goldworm.

Hybrid clouds are getting a lot of attention these days and rightly so. Many believe that given time, everything will ultimately be a hybrid cloud of some type.  The question is not if, but rather what, where, when, who, and how.

  • What type of cloud(s) should you be implementing– private, public, community…?
  • Where should different workloads run (cloud or not and which type of cloud)?
  • When should different workloads migrate?
  • Who are the leaders, both as private cloud component players and as service providers?
  • And of course, how do you get there, securely and efficiently?

These are the questions we will be focusing on at Cloud Connect in our Private and Hybrid Cloud track, and our Private Cloud workshop. We have a great line up of topics and speakers to help you navigate the road to cloud.  With leaders from OpenStack, Eucalytpus, CloudStack/Citrix, VMware, Cisco, BlueLock  and more we will be drilling down into how to go about building a private/hybrid cloud with today’s tools and services, what’s coming down the road, and how to start now, with an eye towards the future.

In the Building VMware-based Private Clouds session , Neela Jacques (one of our top rated VMware speakers) , will share VMware’s experiences to-date in building clouds, as well as how VMware’s new vision of software defined datacenters can fit into and shape your future plans.

Based on rave reviews from past sessions, we are doing an encore of a rapid fire comparison session, Comparing Cloud Orchestration Stacks, with leading cloud orchestration stack vendors answering ten key questions on their stacks, and then inviting you to dig deeper with them.

On the public vs. private debate/discussion, we have a panel of experts including a cloud stack vendor and service providers, looking at  Hybrid Clouds – Can you Get the Best of Both Cloud Worlds (Public and Private).

And continuing the discussion around orchestration and management, Scott Hammond, VP of strategy, Cloud & Systems Management  from Cisco will leverage his background in service management and discuss  Enabling IT as a Service – Cloud Management and Orchestration.

So join our conversation on what, where, when, who and how, and take home some practical answers on the next stops on your road to cloud.


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